The states of matter

The States of  Matter

All substances exist
as a state of matter:
solid, liquid, gas
and plasma

The points at which matter changes are called phase transitions. Organisations also go through phase transitions. Helping navigate them is what our business is all about.

We operate in the space between
matter. Like the sun holding
the planets in orbit, we pull
everything together.

We bring the skills to each
project to achieve one thing:
better business performance.


Solid is merely temporary.
Ice melts. Mountains
wash to the sea.

Change is a universal constant, in the physical world, and in the life cycle of a business. Not only the scale of change, but also the rate, which means organisations are increasingly faced with complex, demanding, expensive and potentially disruptive tasks.

That’s where we come in.



A liquid always shapes itself to
suit the container it’s in. That’s
how we approach our work.


We’re business performance specialists, and designing, managing and implementing significant change without disrupting our clients’ businesses requires adaptability, flexibility and agility. Our responses are never off the shelf. Every solution is a one-off, built upon knowledge and experience gained solving similar challenges for many clients across a wide range of industries.

We help businesses innovate and grow, we manage risk and regulation, we simplify the complex. We contain costs and make sure our clients remain in control.


A gas will expand to fill its container.
Which is what we do, pulling together
the high performance teams to address
all the issues, no more, no less.

We don’t attempt to be all things to all people. We focus on doing fewer things, better.

We’re a hub. We work with the best people when we need to, people who share our culture of drive, ambition, enthusiasm and speed.

Our approach is always a collaboration, never an outsource.



Plasma is an electron sea that conducts
electricity. It’s the spark. The flash
of inspiration. And, ultimately, it’s
inspiration that fuels performance.


We understand performance. Our road cycling team is one of Australia’s most successful. And the dynamics of a sports team are identical to those of a business.

It’s all about creating a structure that supports performance. One person crosses the line, but it’s the team that achieves the result.

Whether it’s cycling, or business, it’s all about performance.