Our Team


The qualities we bring to our team are also those we bring to our clients’ businesses: the ability to listen, the courage to challenge accepted wisdom, an unswerving commitment to outcomes and, above all, the capacity to evolve, to move forward, to grow, to go from one state of matter to the next.


Leigh Parsons

Managing Director


Dave Stevens

Executive Director

For almost twenty years Leigh Parsons has helped his clients achieve the business outcomes they’re looking for through IT strategy and business advisory consulting.He has built his business by helping his clients build theirs. Leigh attended Monash University, and then began a successful IT and consulting career, with key roles at Powercor, Logica and DWS. In 2006 he joined CharterMason, a fledgling consulting company with an ambitious vision. By the time he left that company in 2015 it had grown to become a significant player in the consulting industry.
The dramatic growth of CharterMason, led by Leigh as senior partner and director, was driven by Leigh’s ability to build high performing teams and long term relationships that underpinned the successes achieved by the business. Leigh now brings the same high level of expertise, insight and experience to State of Matter’s growing client list, which includes some of Australia’s most challenging, demanding and complex organisations. Leigh believes that no two corporate challenges are the same. Each requires a fresh perspective, a new solution, and an outcome that exceeds expectations.

David Stevens is the founder and Executive Chairman of cloud and managed services provider Brennan IT. He has focused on the mid-market and his deep understanding of the needs and issues shaping the sector have been instrumental to the growth and success of the company.Prior to founding his company in 1997, David worked as an IT consultant, specialising in the rollout and management of large-scale infrastructure projects. He continues to be outcomes oriented, with an ability to cut through the complexities of the issues facing his clients and deliver cost-effective, elegant solutions balancing business vision with budget and overall business strategy.
David’s work has been recognised and awarded around the world, by ARN IT Industry Awards, BRW Fast 100, The Symantec Partner Awards, Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific, SmartCompany Smart50 Awards, and Financial Review’s MIS Strategic Awards, among others.David’s company was ranked #1 in Australia and #4 in the world in 2012, ranked #1 in Australia and #7 in the world in 2011 and ranked #1 in Australia and #5 in the world in 2010 in The MSPmentor 100 report. Since the start of 2016 David has been a director of State of Matter. David shares Leigh’s love of cycling, and commitment to the State of Matter Maap cycling team.

Quality & Culture

At State of Matter we don’t have complicated procedures and systems. However we do have some very strongly held beliefs.

We believe that no two problems are the same. And because no two problems are the same it follows that no two solutions will be the same.

We approach each task with an open mind. We never apply a solution simply because it worked for someone else in the past. We always look for a new way, a better way.

We don’t seek to embed ourselves with our clients. We’re happy to work with them, and to form long-term relationships, but our business model is very different from those of our big competitors, the “land and expand” accounting firms.

We believe in taking the brief, identifying the issues, working out a plan, applying it and, after achieving the best possible result for our client, moving on.

We’re team players. We work with the best people. We bring them in as required. Like all great teams, our combined abilities are greater than the sum of the parts. And central to our belief in the power of the team is the recognition that the team isn’t just us. It includes our clients, and all other stakeholders.

And because of our belief in the team, we make sure our team members are well supported in a workplace that’s simple, friendly and accommodating.

Finally, we’re committed to the outcome. It’s all about results, getting things done, on time and on budget.