What State Are You In?

What, exactly, do you have to show for all the money you pay your external consultants?

Did they arrive to address one issue, then uncover more and more issues, until years later they’re still there, more and more of them, and still no end in sight? “Land, and expand” is what they call it. We don’t work that way. We come in, we do what has to be done, and we’re gone. We’re here to solve problems, not generate new ones.

How do you know if you’re getting the best out of your people or the consultants you bring in to fix problems?

We’ll keep them focused. We’ll identify clear targets, articulate them simply and clearly, and make sure all the work your consultants are doing is directed towards achieving those goals in the shortest possible time. To put it bluntly, it’s all about keeping the bastards honest.

You know what needs to be done, but why can’t it be done faster?

You know your business. You have the vision. But getting a large organisation where you want it to go can be frustrating. We’ll improve your internal capabilities and work with your people, your technologies and your lines of communication to streamline pathways, achieve better outcomes faster, and drive business performance.

Do you ever get the feeling you’re not working with the A team?

The big consulting firms employ hundreds of people. Once they’ve signed you up they’ll give you a team assembled from their limited pool of talent. We’re not restricted that way. We work with people who’re leaders in their fields, so we’ll always connect you with the best people in each category. In other words a high-performance team, with one invoice, and one point of contact and responsibility.

Is your business keeping up in a world that’s changing faster and faster?

We help our clients keep up with a constantly changing world, and get them ready to take advantage of emerging disciplines such as digital and Agile transformation.

Are you making the most of social media and digital marketing?

These days simply having a good website isn’t enough. The future is social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and new ones that haven’t even appeared yet. These days anyone with an iPhone is a potential customer. We help our clients connect with their markets, not simply to communicate, but also to sell, by enabling their transformation to social media and digital marketing.

How does it feel when the buck stops with you, and everyone else is passing it?

It’s tough at the top. Everyone is looking to you for results. We’ll provide the horsepower and the streamlined pathways to flow your the strategy through your organisation, and achieve the results you and your key stakeholders are looking for. We have your back.

Who can you talk to?

Whether you’re the CIO, the CFO or the CEO of your organisation with 50 people to 15,000 people, you need someone to bounce ideas off, someone independent and unbiased to work with, to help you develop strategy, direction and facilitate implementation. We become a trusted partner to our clients, helping them achieve the results they’re looking for.